Systems and Computer Engineering

Network Drive

A user's network drive or M: drive is their personal storage area on the department servers. However, here are some tips regarding the use of this space. By following these tips users should not encounter problems. User Quotas are set to 500 Mb. Once you have reached this limit you will not be able to save to your M: drive or commit any profile changes.

TIP #1 - User files may be purged at the end of the Winter (January-May) term. Backup and remove your data from previous terms to an alternate location. Notification will be given via the Message you see upon login TIP #2 - Use a USB key or other type of storage to backup your data. Don't wait until it's too late, do it now.
TIP #3 - Don't use 500Mb of storage just because it is assigned to you.
TIP #4 - If a user reaches anywhere near their quota and then delete files, the user will not be able to save files for a period of time. This limitation is due to the refresh time of the quota management software.
TIP #5 - Use M: drive for immediate work or to submit assignments only.
TIP #6 - When submitting assignments, submit only the files required.
TIP #7 - Zip/compress Matlab assignments, for example *.rtf or *.doc files, and then delete the originals. The uncompressed files can be upwards of 20mb in size, whereas their compressed counterparts are in the range of 300kb in size.
TIP #8 - Back up your data on a regular basis. We do our best to protect the integrity of your data but we are not responsible for the damage or loss of your data.
TIP #9 - Do not save data on the desktop or in the "My Documents" folder. Save directly to the "M:" drive. Any files saved to your desktop are not guaranteed to be there on your next login.

We are not responsible for your lost or deleted data, but we may be able to help recover lost data. Please check with technical staff in these instances.